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    For teens: Maybe you have questions and you are feeling confused… Maybe you are seeking your way, feeling misunderstood and flooded with emotions… Maybe it is the stress at school, or your relationship with your parents… Maybe you feel lonely; You want to make friends but feel insecure… Maybe you fell in love… Maybe you have questions about gender and sexuality? Maybe it is all together, it feels like a big mess, and you just want to have a place for yourself to figure it out. Therapy can be just the right thing. I promise to listen, meet you without judgment and support you in exploring, navigating and finding your way through whatever is going in your life right now.

    For parents: You see your child growing, changing, and maybe struggling, and it hits you at the core. You want to support them, but you are not sure how, and you feel that you need some guidance. I’m here to support you in one of the most challenging times of parenthood – Your child’s teen years.