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    Individual psychotherapy

    Therapy is a unique opportunity to receive confidential support when you cope with painful events in your life. It is also an on-going invitation for self exploration, gaining new insights and creating positive changes in your life.

    I offer a warm, collaborative and insightful presence to guide and support you in your journey, to regain trust in your unique strengths, overcome life’s challenging situations, reach your goals, and make your life happier and more meaningful. In our sessions you will be invited to explore your deep values and motivations, and identify which aspects of your life help you move forwards, and how to separate from patterns and behaviors that are no longer useful for you.

    My therapy style is informal, trauma informed and culturally sensitive. I will meet you where you are at, and step by step you will feel more confident in your choices, more connected to your authentic self, and more capable to move towards a happier, fuller life.

    I use a combination of evidence based methods, talk therapy, mindfulness, as well as elements borrowed from somatic approaches, creative expression, narrative therapy, and guided imagery.I also offer Brain-Spotting (BSP) sessions. BSP is an innovative therapy method (similar to EMDR) that is useful for clearing trauma, move emotional barriers, and achieve performance goals.

    You don’t have to be alone with your pain. I am genuinely interested in hearing your story.